Strong Is Beautiful…Taylor’d Bodies Fitness Classes are back in the ‘hood

PT class pic2WOOHOO!  Taylor’d Bodies is officially back in the ‘hood.

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer Penny Taylor is back, at 2 locations in New Westminster (Sapperton) and bringing HIIT IT TO FIT IT – 30™ – NEW Personal Training classes & Transformation Program for women…Because STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL!

Okay ladies, if you’re ready to say YES to YOU, you’re ready to:

  • FIT into your clothes
  • FIT into your schedule
  • Get FIT
  • FIT into your lifestyle
  • Get the right FIT for you: Making Food & Fitness FIT you
  • FIT into your budget: you’ll have a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Health Educator, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Whole Food Chef all included!

Let’s HIIT IT: High Interest In Transforming TO FIT IT!

The full transformation program starts May 1st, until then let’s get the Personal Training Fitness Classes started!  The new PT Fitness Class schedule is ready…classes starting Monday, April 23rd. $10 per PT class your first week (regular $15 per class – scroll down for full pricing).

PT class schedule for postingPT Fitness Classes are 50-minutes: 10 dynamic warmup, 30 training, 10 cool & stretch. **Lunch time classes are reduced to 40-minutes to fit into a 1 hour lunch break.

Classes are offered in Sapperton, New Westminster – we border New West, Burnaby, Coquitlam & Surrey. Easy to come join us 🙂

  • Rock Steady Boxing New West / Parkinson’s Wellness Centre
  • #103 – 450 E. Columbia Street, New Westminster
  • CBI Health Centre – Brewery District
  • #501 – 233 Nelson’s Crescent, New Westminster

locations map

What makes the NEW PT Fitness Classes unique? Everything!!

  • You’ll have a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Health Educator, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Whole Food Chef and Therapist (because let’s face it training IS therapy!!) working with you EVERY day. HIIT IT TO FIT your goals AND your budget!
  • You enjoy a pre-class energy boost and a post-class recovery treat…remember you have a Nutritionist and Whole Food Chef at your fingertips! HIIT IT TO FIT IT FOOD.
  • You’re accountable to your Trainer and you get follow up after and between classes…remember you have a Health & Lifestyle Coach by your side!
  • Every class is different, we change it up. We have fun. We play games. We have dance parties. We challenge, encourage, motivate and inspire each other. We work hard, everyone at their level, we push through, we laugh, we sweat, we have fun (oops, already said that). We get results. We HIIT IT TO FIT IT.

You’re looking for a specific type of class or training and you’re asking is it…

  • Bootcamp?  Yup.
  • Circuit Training?  You bet.
  • Strength Training?  Absolutely.
  • Interval Training?  For sure.
  • Core Training?  Thumbs up.
  • Functional Training?  Of course.
  • Crossfit style Training?  Yep.
  • TRX?  Oh yeah, baby.
  • Plyometrics Power Training?  You got it.
  • Cardio Training?  Most definitely.

Is a PT Fitness Class for YOU? Of course, it’s for all women . All fitness levels welcome and everything is modifiable to your body. **If you have an injury or serious health condition prior assessment and clearance is required before participating.

PT class pic.jpg


  • 1 PT fitness class/week = $59 +GST  (4 PT classes/month)
  • 2 PT fitness classes /week = $119 +GST  (8 PT classes/month)
  • 3 PT fitness classes /week = $179 +GST  (12 PT classes/month)

All classes $10 per class April 23 – 30, 2018.  Reserve your spot. Register today.


**UPGRADE TO the complete HIIT IT TO FIT IT – 30™ Transformation Program for $15/month – A Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Health Educator, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, and Whole Food Chef all working with you. Begins May 1, 2018.**

Penny Card

PT class pic2

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